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Simone Payne

I have had thee best experience ever at Sanbridge Early Learning Center!! Not only are the teachers and staff phenomenal with my son they are also wonderful people in general. I understand there have been some changes to staff lately and boy am I pleased! The director has a heart of Gold and the teachers are out of this world friendly, caring, professional, and very helpful. They are mothers and grandmothers themselves and they love my almost as their own. He eats better now (variety) and he also sings new songs. I can tell he is learning, comfortable and very happy. I would recommend Sanbridge Early Learning Center to everyone I know.

Cyrus Nusum

I have been working with Sanbridge Early Learning Center for almost a year. Since my involvement with not only the owner of the center but the staff as well, it has been extremely rewarding and a very professional experience. The staff work well with the children as well as with the families they services. The owner is always making arrangements and previsions for the families when as a growing business is hard to do. It has been my pleasure working with them and I look forward to see them grow through out the State of MD.

Jeokima Wade

I absolutely love this daycare center. The staff was very welcoming when my son and I first walked in the building. My son instantly gravitated towards the teachers. They treated him as if he was there family and they had already known him. They welcomed him to join in with the other children and what they were already doing. My son did not want to leave.

The staff was very welcoming. From the wonderful owner to the staff that drive the vans and transport the kids.

I am a hair stylist so my schedule always conflicts with childcare availability, but at Sanbridge I don’t have that same problem because this is a 24 hr center. My son is 4 years old so I will need all day daycare services for the rest of this school year, but I do plan to keep him Sanbridge for as long as I can for before and after care because this is just an awesome business.

Yaw Daaku

I loved it. The children were given the utmost care and attention. I’d like to commend the level of professionalism the staff especially the proprietor maintained as well as ensuring that the atmosphere was as child friendly as possible. I would strongly suggest it to all parents and guardians.

Susan Love

I was greeted warmly by the staff as soon as I entered the building. The children were well taken care of by the caregivers and it is very evident that the children love being there! The Director loves the children as if they were her own. I highly recommend this center to all parents in need of a safe and friendly atmosphere!

Gennean Pin

My nieces had the pleasure of attending the center. As I entered the building to pick them up,

I was immediately greeted by a staff member , pleasant fresh aroma and a clean center. Being in the field for over 17 years this center just received two stars in my book .The staff followed proper protocols and procedures when it came to releasing them ,this ensured me they created a safe environment for the children. Upon arrival to the classroom, I noticed the staff was very attentive to the children and in return the children were engaged in learning.

Since then I’ve seen the Owner ,Staff and MSDE specialist in action and this center definitely takes pride in providing excellent childcare. I rate this center a five star A1 rating.

Julls Mens

Great staff, Very clean establishment ..Recently enrolled my son…as a single parent ,This center offers the extended hours for care …which is great for my schedule and the children are well cared for and they also offer pick up and drop off to my son school …Great Job..Very happy with this provider.

Alisha Bingley

My daughter has shown a lot of growth and improvement since she started attending. She loves the staff and you can tell they love her back. There is always an activity or something type of arts and crafts being worked on when I come in to visit. It is never a dull moment

Vanessa Berry

You and your child will be uplifted, through knowledge, mind, body and spirit. What you’ve been looking for S T O P we got it and we will not let you, your child or family down. Come and see the L O V E for yourselves.

Karen Baddkitty Jones

Now there’s no excuse for not working .. 24hr daycare service. On the bus line & near subway. Brilliant idea my sister. .

Naomi Destinedforgreatness Bond

Their prices are reasonable, they provide transportation to and from my son’s school and their hours of operation fits my work schedule.

Charles BishopFakes Johnson

Sis trying to help the community so check her out plz. U can take any job now cause u got a daycare

Mismary E Berry

You’ll Get Nothing But The Best From This Daycare !


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