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a teacher and her studentsHere at Sanbridge Early Learning Center, we believe in the potential of every child. We have designed programs that are geared toward discovering and maximizing the gift in every child that is for us to really hone and develop.

We offer these programs at our learning center:

Infant Program- (6 weeks to 18 months)

The infant program serves children 6 weeks to 18 months. The infant program philosophy (resources for Infant Educators) emphasizes respect for the infant as an individual and encourages each infant to be an active participant in their interactions with other infants and caregivers in a small primary care group. The “Teaching Strategies”, Creative Curriculum help teachers to develop intimate relationships with the infants. Care giving activities such as feeding and diapering are warm, consistent and individualized, which are indicated on the child’s daily report sheets. Theses routines are viewed as opportunities for children to receive undivided attention and to promote language, self awareness and social skills. The infants’ preexisting patterns for feeding and sleeping are respected and incorporated into the child’s routine at the center. Consistency in routines and schedules allow children to anticipate what is coming next, thus transitions are predictable.

Toddler Program- (18 months to 23 months)

The staff at Sanbridge Early Learning Center is experts when it comes to toddler handling and care provision. This stems from our deep knowledge of child behavior and needs that we have thoughtfully applied to our toddler program. The toddlers enjoy daily indoor and outdoor activities that include sensory play, art activities, music, and small group times for stories, songs, manipulative and gross motor skills that are incorporated through “Teaching Strategies”, Creative Curriculum. Fine motor skills are developed by allowing the child to use a crayon or pencil to color a picture. The toddler pattern picks up from the infant pattern with continuing nurturing, feeding and sleeping patterns to reflect the patterns from home. Keeping the toddler on the routine from infancy will continue to allow the child to anticipate positive transitions.

Preschool Program – (2 years – 5 years)

Your child can get a head start to Kindergarten by providing him the opportunity to be a part of Sanbridge Early Learning Center preschool program. This program provides a well-balanced curriculum with emphasis on children’s social/emotional skills and developing sense of autonomy. This program ensures that children needs are appropriately met at a variety of levels. The Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum helps the children to explore art, creative exploration, science and nature, and sensory experiences, language arts and music. There is a special focus on self-awareness and the appreciation of diversity within the classroom.

The students in the Preschool program will be introduced to basic Spanish, sign language, the 50 states and so much more!

Before/After Care Program – (6 years -12 years)

This program provides before and after care with an option of transportation, to and from school. The students in this program will be offered breakfast in the morning and a pm snack in the afternoon when they arrive at the center. In the afternoon, the students will have homework assistance and offered help with any other projects they may need to complete. Afternoon art, science and/or culinary arts are provided during the week to keep the children engaged in learning while having fun. This program also offer extended hours for parents who work non- traditional hours pass 6pm. Any child that is enrolled in the aftercare program pass 6pm will receive dinner at 7pm.

Summer Camp Program (6 years – 12 years) June-August

We offer a fun-filled, educational and enrichment summer camp program. The students are on a field trip every day and all the activities allow the children to explore and develop their interest and talents. This program is led by qualified, caring staff members.

Other Programs (All Age Groups)

This program provides extended care, overnight care, drop in care, and weekend care.


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